SDA launches anti-smoking campaign

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church is launching a Stop Smoking Initiative to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church is launching a Stop Smoking Initiative to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking.

This one week programme starting today (Monday), will see a multi-approach campaign meant to create public awareness as well as encourage smokers to quit the habit.

One of the organisers of this initiative, Mr Brett Chulu said the Stop Smoking Initiative has been an annual campaign involving various organisations in Bulawayo.

“We have been running this campaign over the years but working with corporates, however this time we decided to involve the community so that it becomes open to everyone. We are working with professionals who will be assisting addicts,” said Chulu.

He said the programme has had a high percentage success rate of people who quit smoking and it encourages families and friends to be support systems of smoke addicts who want to quit.

“This programme helps to solidify relationships and families who have been torn apart by having addicts in their homes,” said Chulu.

He said the initiative has a holistic approach in terms of treating and assisting smokers as well as their relatives and friends.

“We have the medical aspect which includes, dental care, medical screening for diseases such as TB, we have counselling services, teachings on how to cope with cravings and relapsing. There are also exercises that will be done,” said Chulu.

Chulu added: “We are interested in getting people the help they need so that they become liberated from their addiction. This is medical ministry we are doing in our community. The programme will be held at our City Centre Church, 116 Herbert Chitepo from 5:30 pm -7:30pm.”

Meanwhile residents in Bulawayo say the campaign is a good initiative that will assist spreading information on the dangers of smoking.

Archbishop Alex Thomas encouraged young people to attend the campaign as they are also affected by the dangers of smoking


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