Councillors mull banning diapers, selling of fruits due to rampant littering

Councillors in Bulawayo have noted with concern the rampant littering in the Central Business District.

During their deliberations during a full council meeting held recently, the city fathers cited that residents were littering the city with seasonal fruits as well as failing to properly dispose of diapers.

Over the years the city of Bulawayo has maintained its status as of one of the cleanest cities in the country.

Ward 1 Cllr Mlandu Ncube, whose jurisdiction includes the CBD, suggested that there be a regulation to ban people who bring in seasonal fruits from neighbouring cities.

Cllr Ncube further suggested that the council adopts the proposal from Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to ban the use of diapers as they have persistently caused littering.

Ward 4 councillor Silas Chigora noted that there was nothing wrong with people who sold their commodities to locals but the honours lies with the residents to practice hygiene whenever they consume these products.


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