Centre for Innovation and Technology is a creative hub which was established in 2015. It springs from the need to have an organisation that will ride on the use of new technologies and art to support social movements, talented change makers and innovators.

CITE notes that while new media plays a critical role in creating awareness and raising different social, economic and political issues, it cannot be fully effective if it not fused with other offline media like art. The success of this open space hinges upon the involvement of young people who are mostly the ones who use new media and those in the art sector.

It also depends on being rooted in the community and the participation of the community. The Centre for Innovation and Technology seeks to create a space where young people from
different backgrounds and professions can meet discuss ideas and collaborate on various projects and inventions. This collaborative space will be known as Asakhe Creative Hub. (Asakhe is a Ndebele name,which means, “Let’s build”.)

A creative technological hub that seeks to have an informed and empowered citizen.

To create space and promote “ARTIVISM” which is the creative integration of art and activism for social change and impact.

#Asakhe Online
Cite will be launching an online platform, AsakheOnline whose main aim is to offer alternative views and news. There are few alternative media in Zimbabwe, most media houses are either owned by the state or aligned to the state. 37 years after Independence we still have one television station and circulation of daily newspapers has reduced in the last few years. The majority of Zimbabweans subscribe to digital satellite television or they watch free to air television.

Although the majority of the population is the youths between the ages of 16 years and 35 years, there is no radio or television stationthat focuses on the youths. This means that youths do not have a medium that focuses on them and their interests. The increase in internet usage especially among the youth means that the appetite for people to get information is very high and social media presents an opportunity to use social media as an alternative platform.

Asakhe Online intends to set up an online platform that will target young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years as the primary audience and 35-45 years as the secondary audience.

The platform targets young people in urban areas. This social-oriented platform will host shows on different subject areas, from politics to social issues, entertainment news etc. It will stream live the breakfast show and will also be packaged and content shared on various social media platforms including commuter

This project seeks to to promote citizen engagement and also use new media to disseminate information. The mainstream media has failed to

We the Future Project
In January this year we launched a projected called We the Future Project. This project aims to equip young between 18 – 25 years with Digital journalism skills so that they can tell their stories .

Currently we are working with about 20 young ladies. We have regular training workshops and the publication of this #tag magazine.


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