An African woman is rarely seen as a symbol of strength, intelligence and authority. Although Dr William Moulton Marston, creator of DC’s Wonder Woman may have believed it was time to spread the psychological propaganda of a “new type of woman” who possesses all those qualities in America, it is high time
we begin to do so for the African woman.

The state of African women is not improving much in most parts of Africa as they still have limited participation in political matters, they are victims of harmful cultural practises and always prone to gender based violence. Even women rights defenders themselves are targeted and fall prey to intimidation and harassment as they are seen to be challenging African culture.

In 2017, cases of rape and femicide in South Africa were on the rise and some enraged citizens voiced out against this but still, not all the womenwere brave enough to do so. An African “Wonder Woman” is one who, against all odds, fearlessly stands up for women to challenge the way they are viewed and even how they view themselves.

One such “wonder woman” is Tracy Ronalds, founder of the IAmWoman foundation, a non-governmental initiative in South Africa.A graduate clinical psychologist, a minister, a teacher and an activist, Tracy Ntwanano Chauke, mostly known as Tracy Ronalds, created the IAmWoman foundation in 2013 when she noted the importanceof cultivating self-image for women.

Through client-focused training, consulting and innovative
community-based programmes this initiative aims to improve the lives of women by focusing on identity building, skills empowerment and leadership development. “Being a woman is not a weakness, it’s a strength and IAmWoman foundations is here to help women unleash that; their true beauty and
grace that lies within,” Tracy Ronalds said in an interview. IAmWoman offers seminars and workshops that support and encourage personal and corporate development, entrepreneurial
skills empowerment to name a few in order to help wome embrace their inner heroine.

African women need more African Wonder Women in order to
support one another and the world needs an African Wonder Woman to prove that Africa is truly making strides towards development. IAmWoman foundations is only one of the many opportunities for African women to be empowered to have a
voice in society and make a change through information and networking but Africa needs more.


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